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Rules of Georgia Peace Officer Standards And Training Council

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464-16-.01 Basic Course. The Council shall formulate and promulgate a program of instruction for each category of communications officers it deems necessary. The program will comprise fundamental communications skill and knowledge, and shall be designated the basic course. Those not employed with a communications center may be allowed to attend the basic course. All tuition and costs associated with attendance in the basic course by the pre-service attendee shall be paid by said attendee.

Individuals employed as a communications officer must attend the basic course within six (6) months of the initial date of employment in order to perform the duties of a communications officer.

464-16-.02 Basic, In-Service Training and Specialized/Advanced Course Administration. Basic, in-service, and specialized/advanced courses shall be administered by schools certified in accordance with these Rules, except that the Council may, in its discretion, recognize college, junior college, technical school, trade school, or similar institution which is substantially equivalent to that which the Council may establish. The Basic Communications Officer Training Course shall at all times be delivered on the premises of an academy certified in accordance with these Rules or sites specifically approved by Council, and be delivered to the entire class as a single entity except where certain remedial training is required by P.O.S.T. policy.

464-16-.03 Instructor Training Course. All Communications Officers wishing to instruct in the Basic Communications Officer Training Course must be certified P.O.S.T. instructors, having attended training specified in 464-05-.04 of these Rules, and in compliance with Chapter 464-6 of these Rules, as specified by Council.

464-16-.04 Schools Required to be Certified. Amended. All schools which intend to offer the Basic Communications Officer Training Course must meet the certification standards as outlined in 464-05-.05 of these Rules.

464-16-.05 All Other Rules of the Council Applicable. All rules of the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council not specifically addressed in Chapter 16 are applicable and enforceable to all those entering or continuing employment as a Communications Officer with a Communications Center, as specified by Council Rules and the law.


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