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464-7-.01 Pre-Investigative Consent Order Defined.

(a) Pre-investigative consent agreements may be entered into by Georgia POST Council and an applicant/candidate for certification or person certified pursuant to O.C.G.A. Title 35, Chapter 8. POST Council may issue a pre-investigative consent order in situations in which the individual agrees to the imposition of certain disciplinary sanctions in accordance with O.C.G.A. Title 35, Chapter 8, Section 7.1.

(b) Entering into a consent agreement resulting in a consent order is entirely voluntary and any person entering into such agreement waives all other proceedings, hearings and processes normally associated with actions taken by POST Council.

464-7-.02 Administration of Pre-Investigative Consent Orders. In certain instances, using guidelines approved by the POST Council, a pre-investigative consent order may be offered, in lieu of a full POST disciplinary investigation. Any such consent order agreed upon and finalized by the Executive Director and Chairman shall be presented before the Council at the next regularly scheduled meeting for final approval. In cases in which no agreement is made, the Director of the Investigations Division of the Council shall assign the case to an investigator as in other cases.

464-7-.03 Circumstances When a Pre-Investigative Consent Order may be Rescinded.

(a) A pre-investigative consent order may be rescinded by the Council if it is found to have been based on misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent information or documents submitted to POST Council or its staff.

(b) If a pre-investigative consent order is rescinded, the investigative matter shall be forwarded to the POST Investigations Division for review by the Council.

464-7-.04 Administrative Fee. An administrative fee, as prescribed by the Council, must be submitted with any final consent orders.


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