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Rules of Georgia Peace Officer Standards And Training Council

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464-8-.01 Hearing Requests. Amended.

Within thirty (30) calendar days after service of notice of adverse action, an officer or applicant must request a hearing and, under oath, answer and respond to the notice of adverse action by either admitting or denying each and every allegation presented in the case summary attached to the notice of adverse action. A request for hearing is defined as a clear written expression by the affected party or authorized representative on his/her behalf to the effect that he/she wants the opportunity to contest his/her case. All allegations which are not specifically answered are deemed to be admitted. For purposes of notification, mailing by certified mail to the last address specified on the application or the last known address of the officer or applicant shall constitute proper service.

464-8-.02 Denial and Dismissal of Hearing Requests. Amended. The Council or Hearing Officer designated by the Council may deny or dismiss a request for a hearing for the following reasons:

(a) It has been withdrawn by the affected party;

(b) If the affected party or his/her representative fails to appear at a hearing or settlement conference scheduled for such affected officer.

(c) If the affected party or his/her representative does not submit a written request for hearing and answer to the allegations within thirty (30) days after service of the notice of adverse action.

464-8-.03 Pre-Hearing Conferences. Amended.

Prior to referral to the Office of State Administrative Hearings, a pre-hearing conference may be held. The officer (and his or her counsel, if any), a member of the POST Council staff and an Assistant Attorney General may participate. The purpose of the conference is to discuss any issues in dispute and to provide the parties an opportunity to present any additional matters relevant to the sanction being imposed by the Council. As a result of the conference, the Assistant Attorney General, with the concurrence of the Executive Director, may recommend that the Council's sanction be modified. The Chairman of the Council, or the Vice-Chairman if the Chairman is unavailable, shall be authorized to approve such modifications. If no recommendation for modification is made, the matter may then be referred to the Office of State Administrative Hearings for adjudication.

464-8-.04 Hearing Officer. Amended. The Hearing Officer (Administrative Law Judge) shall be appointed by the Chief Administrative Law Judge of the Office of State Administrative Hearings (O.S.A.H.), and shall have all the power and authority set forth in O.C.G.A. 50-13, and may preside at any conferences, reviews, or hearings scheduled and/or conducted.

464-8-.05 Documents. Amended. Any and all documents under these Rules are the exclusive property of the Council and shall be surrendered upon demand pursuant to proceedings under these Rules.

464-8-.06 Hearings on Motions to Review.

(a) Any initial decision of the hearing officer not identical to P.O.S.T. Council's initial action shall automatically be reviewed by the Council. Any review of an initial decision of the hearing officer shall be limited to the record. In the event either party wishes to present evidence outside of the record, a written request to present such evidence must be filed at least ten (10) days prior to Council review. A description of the evidence must accompany any request and Council reserves the right to deny the presentation of additional evidence.

(b) Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-13-41(e) (3), any initial decision of the hearing officer which is identical to Council's initial action shall without further agency action become the final decision of the Council.

464-8-.07 Appeals. Amended. All appeals from final Council action shall be filed in accordance with O.C.G.A. 35-8-.7.2.

(a) A copy of any petition for judicial review brought by an officer or applicant shall be provided to the Office of State Administrative Hearings and the State Department of Law simultaneously with the service of the petition upon the Council. A petition for judicial review may be served upon the Council by personal service or certified mail upon the Executive Director of the Council.

(b) Upon receipt of a petition, the Office of State Administrative Hearings shall compile and certify the record to the reviewing court on behalf of the Council.

(c) It shall be the burden of the party filing a petition for judicial review to request and pay for a transcript of the evidentiary hearing if the transcript is to be made a part of the record sent to the reviewing court.

(d) Upon recommendation of the State Department of Law, the Chairman and Executive Director of the Council upon agreement thereof, may take action on the behalf of the Council on all matters, proceedings, civil actions, or other issues involving litigation.


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