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Rules of Georgia Peace Officer Standards And Training Council

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464-9-.01 Right of Petition Established. Amended. Any interested person may petition the Council requesting the promulgation of a Rule or the amendment or repeal of a Rule already in force, as contemplated in the Administrative Procedure Act. (O.C.G.A. 50-13-9) .

464-9-.02 Form of Petition. Amended. Each such petition shall be filed with the Council in writing and shall set forth:

(a) the name and post office address of the Petitioner;

(b) the full text of the Rule requested to be amended or repealed, or the full text of the Rule desired to be promulgated;

(c) a paragraphed statement of the reasons such Rule should be amended, repealed or promulgated, including a statement of all pertinent and existing facts as to the petitioner's interest in the matter.

(d) citations of legal authorities if any, which authorize, support, or require the action requested by the petitioner. The petition shall be verified under oath by, or in proper behalf of, the petitioner.

464-9-.03 Proceeding on Petition. Amended. Upon receipt of the petition, the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, or Secretary of the Council, shall give the petition due consideration and present it to the Council, who shall decide upon the action to be taken. Within thirty days after the next Council meeting, the Council shall inform the petitioner by mail of the decision reached, and shall either decline to take the action requested, stating its reasons for so declining, or shall initiate rule making in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

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