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P.O.S.T. Council Members

The P.O.S.T. Council consists of twenty-two (22) voting members and is supported by an advisory board. The voting members include:

A member other than the Attorney General:
Mr. Don Banks

The President of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police or designee:
Chief Janet Moon - Peachtree City Police Department

The President of the Georgia Sheriffs' Association or designee:

The President of the Georgia Municipal Association or designee:
Mayor J. Clark Boddie (Designee) - City of Palmetto

The President of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia or designee:
Commissioner Lamar Paris

The President of the Peace Officers Association of Georgia or designee:
Scott Andrews

The Chairman of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles or designee:
Director Chris Barnett (Designee)

The Commissioner of Corrections or designee:
Director Terry Edge (Designee)

The President of the Georgia Prison Wardens' Association:
Warden Meosha McMillan - Pulaski State Prison

The Commissioner of Public Safety or designee:
Lt. Col. Billy Hitchens (Designee)

A chief of police:
Chief Mark Amerman - Henry County Police Department

A county sheriff:
Sheriff Mitch Ralston - Gordon County

Two municipal police officers other than a chief of police:
Steve Hyman (Chairman) - Tifton Police Department
Lt. Bryan Hunter - Byron Police Department

A city manager or mayor:
Mayor David Keith - Jesup, Georgia

A county commissioner:
Honorable Thomas J. McMichael (Secretary) - Houston County

Two members who are peace officers:
Sheriff Ray Paulk, Jr. - Berrien County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Andy Hester - Turner County Sheriff's Office

Director of Investigations for Georgia Bureau of Investigation or designee:
Chief of Staff John Melvin (Designee)

Department of Juvenile Justice:
Chief Scott Cagle (Designee)

Department of Natural Resources:
Major Stephen Adams (Vice-Chairman)

Georgia Department of Community Supervision:
Assistant Commissioner Scott Maurer (Designee)

P.O.S.T. Council Advisory Members

The advisory members are appointed by Council to serve in an advisory capacity and represent a cross section of the criminal justice system.

State Officers:
Director Christopher Wigginton - Georgia Public Safety Training Center

Association Directors:
Mr. Butch Ayers - Executive Director, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
Mr. Terry Norris - Executive Director, Georgia Sheriffs' Association
Investigator Mark Adair - President, Georgia Internal Affairs Investigator's Association

Campus Law Enforcement:
Chief N.T. Marinelli - Georgia Perimeter College Police Department

Lt. Barry Woodward, Sr. - Decatur Police Department

Technical College System

Police Chief
Chief Bruce Hedley - Lilburn Police Department
Chief Wayne Dennard - Acworth Police Department
Chief Steve Lynn - Perry Police Department

University System of Georgia
Chief Mike Coverson
Stan Crowder - Kennesaw State University

Law Enforcement Officer
Sheriff Dan Kilgore - Upson County Sheriffs Office
Chief Mike Register - Cobb County Sheriffs Office

Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA)
Director Michael Nix - Local Government 911 Authority

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Director Thomas Walters

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