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Eyewitness Identification Training

The Georgia House of Representatives, on April 2, 2008, passed a resolution urging all law enforcement agencies to review their existing policy and procedures or to develop policy and procedure in eyewitness identification and to consider all the alternatives in deciding which of the methods constitute the "best practice" for their agency. One review of the State purported that less than 10% of our agencies currently have policies in place regarding eyewitness identification.

The resolution urges all law enforcement agencies of this state to develop and implement written policies for conducting showups, photographic lineups, and physical lineups setting forth the manner in which these operations shall be conducted; and for other purposes.

The resolution recommends a Neutral Independent Administrator be used. This simply means the peace officer who administers the physical lineup or photographic lineup, but does not know which person in the lineup is the suspect.

Georgia POST Council, the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, Georgia Sheriffs' Association, Georgia Association of Chiefs' of Police, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Prosecuting Attorneys Council, and State Law Department have met with representatives of the State Legislature to discuss this issue. Rather than have this issue legislatively mandated, all parties have agreed to allow law enforcement the opportunity to address the issue before the legislature takes further action.

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center has developed an eight (8) hour course on eyewitness identification that is now taught as part of the supervision and management course.

This program can be taught as an in-service in your local agency. You may offer the course as a 2, 4, 6 or 8 hour program. The course code for this training is: "IBM42G". This program must be provided by a POST certified instructor if training credit is sought. Simply record the actual number of hours trained on any course completion report.

Training Program Downloads

NOTE:  Please download all documents for administration of this program.


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