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Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Training Approval Process

This article is reprinted from the 2009 2nd Quarter GACP Newsletter

The following information should be helpful in understanding how the training approval process works and what chiefs need to do in order to be in compliance. It seems that at the end of each year, there are several agency heads who have attended training that is not approved by GACP or who are missing their 20-hour GACP training mandate by not submitting the GACP training approval form with supporting documentation. This creates a burden on the chief executive and can be resolved easily by following the information listed below.

All requests for training approval shall be submitted to the GACP training director where it will be reviewed and either approved/disapproved. Confirmations of approval/disapproval are sent by fax, normally within a couple of days.

The following information should be submitted with all requests:

• Data supporting the training as executive/ management level training (syllabus, course curriculum, etc.)
• Lesson plan (if available)
• Qualifications of the presenter
• Number of hours requested by attendee towards executive/management training
• Certificate of completion showing amount of hours obtained (if available)

For IACP Training, copies of the paper slips from the card reader showing hours for each program or if the machine is not functioning, a letter attesting to your attendance. Upon completion of the training, the above information along with a GACP Training Approval Form must be submitted to the GACP training director in order to have the training approved and placed in our office records. For out-of-state or in-state training that is not approved by POST, all of the above information must be submitted for GACP training credit. For classes attended at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) all that is needed is a copy of the class certificate and the GACP Training Approval Form.

The use of any GACP or chiefs training codes that are listed on the POST website will NOT be accepted for credit unless approved by the GACP Executive Director or GACP Training Director.

For the definition of agency/department head, refer to Georgia Code 35-8-2 (4) which states: “Department Head” means the chief executive or head of a state department or agency, a county, a municipality, or a railroad who is a
peace officer and whose responsibilities include the supervision and assignment of one or more employees or the performance of administrative and managerial duties of a police agency or law enforcement unit.

As a general rule, training classes that directly relate to your job function as the chief executive of the agency are normally approved such as classes dealing with management and/or upper level supervision. Training classes such as report writing, defensive driving, and courtroom demeanor are several examples of training programs that
are disapproved for chiefs credit. Firearms and Use of Deadly Force, although mandated by POST, is not approved for chief’s credit.

Under OCGA 35-8-20, all heads of law enforcement agencies must receive their annual training as selected and provided by the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. GACP generally recognizes the below listed training programs as pre-approved. With the exception of programs directly provided by GACP, all classes must follow the
guidelines for training approval.

Here are some of the many classes that have been approved over the years. Additions will be posted on our website at www.gachiefs.com

-A Child is Missing Program
-Basic Public Information Officer
-Child Fatality Review
-Commission on Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)
-Community Policing – Randy Means
-Consular Notification
-Domestic Violence Training
-Dynamics of Vehicle Pursuits
-Emergency Response to Terrorism
-Executive Development Program
-Executive Skills Series
-Eyewitness Identification
-FBI LEEDS Development
-Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy
-FEMA – All Hazards Training
-Fitness for Duty Evaluations
-GACP Certification Assessors Training
-GACP Certification Managers Training
-GACP Chief Executive Training Class – New Chiefs School
-GACP Chiefs Day at the Capitol
-GACP District Training
-GACP Evidence and Property Management
-GACP Goals Conference
-GACP Summer Training Conference
-GACP Twelve Critical Tasks
-GACP Winter Training Conference
-Gatlinburg Law Enforcement Conference (Selected Programs)
-GCIC Security & Integrity Training
-GEMA Disaster Response and Recovery Operations
-GEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism: Basic Concepts
-GEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism: Strategic Considerations for Command Officers
-GEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism: Tactical Considerations for Company Officers
-GEMA Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment
-GEMA Flood Flight Operations
-GEMA Hazardous Materials Contingency Planning
-GEMA Hazardous Weather & Flooding Preparedness
-GEMA Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation
-GEMA Incident Command System/ Emergency Oper. Cntr (ICS/EOC) Interface Shaping the Future
-GEMA Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings Awareness- Initial Response to Hazardous Materials
-GEMA Mass Fatality Incident Response
-GEMA WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness TTT
-Georgia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (GACLEA)
-Georgia Law Enforcement Command College
-Georgia Municipal Association (GMA)
-GILEE Training Program
-Governor’s Emergency Management Conference (Selected Programs)
-Governor's Emergency Management Conference Integrated Incident Management System
-GSIN Conference (Selected Programs)
-High Risk Critical Tasks
-International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
-Management Levels 1-2-3
-National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)
-NIMS ICS Programs – 100, 200, 300, 400, 402, 700, 800
-PAC Conference (Selected Programs)
-Planning for School Bomb Incidents
-POAG Conference (Selected Programs)
-POST Certification Process
-SLATT Training
-Southern Police Institute (SPI) Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM)
-Supervision Levels 1-2-3
-USDOJ Violent Crime Training

Any other training will be handled on a case-by-case basis. For classes held at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC), please visit their website for registration information: GPSTC Website

For information about the Georgia Peace Officer Standards & Training Council (POST), please visit their website: POST Website

It is truly the desire of GACP to provide/approve and facilitate programs to make sure everyone is in compliance with Georgia law. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact our office for any assistance with your professional development.

Paul Maharry
GACP Training Director

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