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Courses of Fire and Points of Instruction (POI) for the Governor’s Initiative training requirements

Please click on any of the links below to download the POI or COF for that topic.

Cultural Awareness

Fostering Positive Community Relations

Police Legitimacy,Procedural Justice and Community Relations

Use of Force and De-Escalation POI

Building Positive Community Relations

Autism and De-Escalation

Mental Wellness

Serving Georgia's Diverse Communities

*** Notice ***

The following courses of fire have been developed by the Georgia Public Safety Training Center for agencies which do not currently have a qualification course of fire. An agency may use these courses of fire, or may develop its own which demands a higher level of proficiency, or may utilize one which has been previously approved by POST. These courses of fire do not dictate that an agency utilize specific ammunition, optical or sighting systems, or techniques. An agency should refer to their individual policies and procedures for guidelines in these areas.

Backup Weapon COF

Precision Rifle COF

Semi Auto Rifle COF

Shotgun COF


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