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35-8-6.   Appointment of executive director of council; contracts for services; personnel; investigators; subpoenas; funding; gifts, grants, or donations.

(a) The council may appoint an executive director who shall serve at the pleasure of the council. The council shall establish the compensation for the executive director.

(b) The executive director may contract for such services as may be necessary and authorized in order to carry out the provisions of this chapter and may employ such other professional, technical, and clerical personnel deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

(c) The executive director is authorized to appoint certain investigators for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this chapter. The executive director and persons so appointed shall meet all employment and training requirements of this chapter as for all other peace officers and shall have all of the powers of other peace officers. Any investigator of the council shall have access to and may examine any writing, document, or other material which is deemed by the chairman of the council to be related to the fitness of any peace officer or applicant to practice as a peace officer. The chairman or executive director of the council may issue subpoenas to compel such access. When a subpoena is disobeyed, the council may apply to the superior court of the county where the person to whom the subpoena is issued resides for an order requiring obedience. Failure to comply with such order shall be punishable as for contempt of court.

(d) The funds necessary to carry out this chapter shall come from the funds appropriated to and available to the council and from any other available funds.

(e) The council is authorized to accept and use gifts, grants, donations, property, both real and personal, and services for the purpose of carrying out this chapter.

(f) Any funds, property, or services received as gifts, grants, or donations shall be kept separate and apart from any funds appropriated to the council; and the funds, property, or services so received by gifts, grants, or donations shall be the property and funds of the council and, as such, shall not lapse at the end of each fiscal year but shall remain under the control of and subject to the direction of the council for carrying out this chapter.

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