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35-8-7.   Powers and duties of council generally.

The council is vested with the following powers and duties:

(1) To meet at such times and places as it may deem necessary;

(2) To contract with other agencies, public or private, or persons as it deems necessary for the rendering and affording of such services, facilities, studies, and reports to the council as will best assist it to carry out its duties and responsibilities;

(3) To cooperate with and secure the cooperation of every department, agency, or instrumentality in the state government or its political subdivisions in the furtherance of the purposes of this chapter;

(4) To establish criteria to be used in certifying schools authorized to conduct training required by this chapter;

(5) To certify schools as authorized to conduct training required by this chapter;

(6) To prescribe minimum qualifications for directors of schools certified to conduct training required by this chapter;

(7) To certify such school directors;

(8) To establish minimum qualifications for instructors at schools certified to conduct training required by this chapter;

(9) To certify instructors authorized to conduct training required by this chapter;

(10) To reevaluate certified schools annually to determine if such schools shall continue to be certified;

(11) To withdraw or suspend certification of schools, school directors, and instructors who fail to continue to meet or maintain, at any given time, the criteria and qualifications required for school, school director, or instructor certification;

(12) To determine whether a candidate has met the requirements of this chapter and is qualified to be employed as a peace officer and to issue a certificate to those so qualified;

(13) To certify to designated law enforcement units a candidate's successful completion of the course;

(14) To refuse to grant a certificate to or to discipline a certified peace officer or an exempt peace officer under this chapter or any antecedent law;

(15) To establish and modify the curriculum, including the methods of instruction, composing the basic training courses and to set the minimum number of hours therefor;

(16) To establish and recommend curricula for such advanced, in-service, and specialized training courses as the council shall deem advisable and to recognize the completion of such courses by the issuance of certificates;

(17) To provide technical assistance as requested by law enforcement units;

(18) To provide for and administer the registration of all exempt peace officers;

(19) To research, plan, and establish policy relative to peace officer training and to develop and coordinate the delivery of peace officer training programs through such agencies and institutions as the council may deem appropriate;

(20) To establish as part of the curriculum for basic and in-service training courses for all peace officers training on organized criminal activity and criminal street gangs;

(21) To develop, adopt, and issue advanced or professional peace officer certificates based upon the attainment of specified education, advanced or specialized training, and experience as the council may determine;

(22) To provide and administer the certification of persons qualified to operate radar speed detection devices and to withdraw or suspend such certificates as provided for in this chapter;

(23) To adopt in accordance with the "Georgia Administrative Procedure Act," such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter; and

(24) To do any and all things necessary or convenient to enable it to perform wholly and adequately its duties and to exercise the power granted to it.

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