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Official Code of Georgia, Annotated



35-8-1 Short title.
35-8-2 Definitions.
35-8-3 Establishment of Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council; membership; organization; administrative assignment to Department of Public Safety.
35-8-4 Officers of council; quorum; minutes of meetings and records; reports to Governor and General Assembly.
35-8-5 Compensation of members of council.
35-8-6 Appointment of executive director of council; contracts for services; personnel; investigators; subpoenas; funding; gifts, grants, or donations.
35-8-7 Powers and duties of council generally.
35-8-7.1 Authority of council to refuse certificate to applicant or to discipline certified peace officer or exempt peace officer; grounds; restoration of certificate.
35-8-7.2 Administrative procedure; hearings; review.
35-8-8 Requirements for appointment or certification of persons as peace officers; certification of applicants possessing special skills in training and handling of police dogs.
35-8-9 Completion of basic training course required; acceptance of other instruction; effect of failure to complete basic training requirements; limitation.
35-8-10 Applicability and effect of certification requirements generally; requirements as to exempt persons.
35-8-11 Basic course to be completed at schools certified by council.
35-8-12 Certification to use speed detection devices; withdrawal or suspension of certificate.
35-8-13 Training and certification of police chaplains.
35-8-13.1 Training and certification of municipal probation officers.
35-8-14 Board of Corrections and State Board of Pardons and Paroles to establish training program for employees authorized to make arrests. [Repealed]
35-8-15 Preparation and maintenance of employment records by law enforcement units and council; release of records.
35-8-16 Effect of standards and training requirements provided in chapter; adoption of additional requirements by law enforcement units.
35-8-17 Effect of peace officer's failure to comply with chapter generally; civil actions against noncomplying peace officers and law enforcement units.
35-8-18 Applicability of chapter to emergency peace officers.
35-8-19 Appointment of citizen of adjoining state as peace officer.
35-8-20 Training requirements for police chiefs, department heads, and wardens; effect of failure to fulfill training requirement; waiver of requirements.
35-8-20.1 Training for police chiefs and department heads appointed after December 31, 1992; waivers.
35-8-21 Training requirements for peace officers; waiver; exemption for retired peace officers.
35-8-22 Reimbursement of training expenses by subsequent employer of peace officer; collection procedure.
35-8-23 Basic training course for communications officers; certification requirements; duties of council; rules and regulations.
35-8-24 (For effective date, see note) Training requirements for jail officers and juvenile correctional officers.
35-8-25 Training and certification of bomb technicians, explosive ordnance disposal technicians, and animal handlers; intergovernmental assistance agreements.


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