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Officer Recertification Information

Effective January 1, 2012, peace officers graduating from the courses of Basic Law Enforcement, Basic Corrections, Basic Probation/Parole, GBI Basic Special Agent, Basic Juvenile Corrections Officer, or Basic Municipal Probation are issued a certification that will expire in four years from the date of issuance of that certification. In order to meet the re-certification requirements in four years, officers:

1. Must complete required annual training each year (20 Hours including Firearms Requalification & Use of Deadly Force) a. NOTE: These officers graduating after January 1, 2012 must complete the required annual training even if they are not actively employed each calendar year.

2. Must complete required GA POST Council Block of Training (1 class) during the four years (will be available online at GPSTC in the near future and will be taught at various locations throughout the state each year)

3. Must complete two other classes during the four years (choose any two (2) of the following three (3) courses) a. Elder Abuse (available online at GPSTC) b. Eyewitness ID (available online at GPSTC) c. Domestic Violence (available online at GPSTC)

4. Must complete a new POST application in the POST Data Gateway system to “re-certify” in 2016.

a. Can submit your recertification application up to 90 days before your certification expires.

b. Must have a current Physician’s Affidavit (form will be provided in application & must be within 180 days of application for re-certification)

c. Must have current Fingerprint Results (either law enforcement agency LIVESCAN or Georgia Applicant Processing Service (GAPS) & must be within 180 days of application for re-certification).

d. Must have current Driver’s History (certified copy from GA Dept of Driver Services or Driver’s History from employing law enforcement agency & must be within 180 days of application for re-certification)

e. Must pay $30 recertification fee

Failure to complete these requirements will result in expiration of the basic certification that was issued.

Recertification Information

Recertification Dashboard

Recertification Report Instructions

Officer Recertification Application Instructions

Recertification Training Waiver Instructions

Physician Affidavit for Recertification


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