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Are there any exemptions from the 20 hour annual training requirement?

There are only two exemptions from the 20-hour requirement:

if an officer is inactive for the entire year and;

if an officer completes basic mandate after April 1.

Regarding 1, if an officer works any portion of a year, he/she is required to receive 20 hours of training for that year. Regarding 2, those officers completing basic mandate on or before April 1 must meet the 20 hour annual training requirement for that year.

Is it the responsibility of the employing agency to insure sworn personnel complete the annual 20 hour training requirement?

No. It is the responsibility of each individual officer to complete 20 hours of training during each calendar year. Many agencies have programs that allow officers to attend training on duty, but this type of program is not required by law.

If an officer attends a job related seminar or out-of-state training course, will this count toward the annual 20 hour training requirement?

Yes, to get credit for this type of training the officer must submit, to POST, a copy of the course completion certificate with his/her social security number written on the certificate along with documentation indicating the number of hours of training (agenda).

Who is responsible for maintaining an officer's training record?

The individual officer is responsible for maintaining a record of his/her training hours. Neither POST nor the regional academies will necessarily have records of all training an officer completes; for this reason, it is suggested each officer keep a folder with copies of certificates of completion, etc. documenting received training. Such documentation will insure an officer's actions are in compliance with the law, should an arrest or warrant be questioned in the courts.

Does an officer lose his/her certification if he/she does not get the 20 hours of in-service training for any one calendar year of employment?

NO, but he/she does lose the "power of arrest" at midnight on December 31 of that year.

If an officer makes up the hours during the following year, does he/she regain the power of arrest?

NO, the power of arrest is gone. To get it re-instated, the officer must make up the deficient training and submit a waiver request form to the Council. The Council will review the request and inform the officer of its decision. Until such time as a waiver is issued, the officer has no "power of arrest."

How long is a certification valid?

Indefinitely unless it is revoked or suspended. Once an officer is certified, he/she may leave or re-enter peace officer employment without further requirements.

Can an officer receive credit for training prior to being certified?

YES. Once an officer has an application for certification on file at POST, he/she is in the computer system and any training reported by an academy will be entered onto his/her training record.

What if an officer has received training which is not listed on his/her training record?

The officer can submit a copy of the training certificate presented at the completion of the course and POST will add this training to his/her record. NOTE: Please include officers Social Security Number and documentation indicating the number of hours of training if it is not printed on the course completion certificate.


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